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Whether it’s your home or your business many people still see fire and security systems as a grudge purchase

…it’s often up there with maintenance of buildings, roof work and the other ‘invisible’ costs that come with having a space that you call your own.

All too often systems are installed because insurance companies insist upon them and it has never been more important that this mindset changes.

Technological advancements are making people’s lives easier. You’re heading home and you want the heating on you can programme your app to put the heating on automatically when you’re within a mile of your home or premises.

Want to take a well-earned break from your business? You can monitor your site from the other side of the world on your device. Life is becoming increasingly operational by remote control.

If you have a system either in your business premises, or your own home, it should be regularly checked and maintained by an accredited company. The fire and security industry is heavily regulated because cheaper options and DIY systems simply do not provide the same level of protection as a planned and designed solution which is intuitive to your needs.

People are becoming increasingly persuaded to buy cheap equipment from the internet which is a false economy and can endanger life. All fire and security systems should be designed and installed by an accredited, company to ensure that they offer the best protection for the home or business and are fully compliant with the latest standards.

“People are happy to pay a monthly fee for leisure or entertainment with TV companies but are less keen to pay a maintenance fee to ensure that the systems that protect their people and possessions are functioning correctly.

“It’s crucial that systems are regularly maintained by a company that can bring to your attention any issues and  advise on the best options,” says Managing Director of the Black Box Group, David Barnes.

“People think it won’t happen to them and place a lower value on fire and security, which is crazy when you think about it. It’s about having peace of mind and all often people only realise when it’s already too late.

“It’s not just about installing expensive, high spec systems, it’s about getting regular advice from a team who can share their knowledge and expertise on the best way to protect the most important assets – people and places.”






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