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Black Box Security are specialists in providing fire and life safety services across multiple commercial sectors.  We offer commercial fire alarm systems and detection systems which protect people, property and assets.

Ensuring that your business is properly protected against the risk of fire is vital.  Our experience in working across multiple sectors and ability to offer a full range of fire and life safety services gives you confidence that your business premises are safe for staff and customers.

Experience of providing fire and life safety services in multiple sectors

Black Box security was established in 1977, and manages installations across the UK, providing a  reliable and trusted service to our clients.

We have systems installed within data centres, distribution centres, Grade A office space, retail chains and industrial sites. We have also developed bespoke fire detection and commercial fire alarm systems that consider the specific needs of food preparation facilities, recycling centres and sport stadia.

We can apply our knowledge and technology to existing or new and difficult sites or assist you with phased upgrades to achieve your objectives and budget constraints. We offer full maintenance packages, even on systems considered by our competitors to be ‘closed protocol’.

This commercial Fire Safety service is backed by our expertise in security monitoring and extends to our ability to offer a full fire monitoring service.  To protect your business, our commercial fire alarm system monitoring service includes emergency service attendance, on new and existing installations.

Avoiding false alarms

False alarms can cause business interruptions and significant downtime – not to mention the cost and inconvenience to the emergency services.  A key part of our service is in creating systems that eliminate false fire alarms regardless of the complexity of the site.  This protects businesses by avoiding the downtime that this can cause and minimises the impact of a false fire alarm on a business.

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For more information about how Black Box can help to protect your business with an industry leading, managed fire and life safety solution, please contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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