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As businesses continue to look for safe ways for their employees and the public return to premises, Black Box Fire & Security Solutions is continuing to roll out a range of cost-effective measures that can be installed quickly in the form Electronic Marshalling & People Counting, Touch Free Exit Buttons and Thermal Cameras.

For retailers, Gyms and other premises that will be looking to welcome members of the public back over the coming months in a controlled manner Electronic Marshalling and people counting is an option to be considered.

The systems utilise high quality enhanced CCTV cameras with built in specific people counting analytics to monitor and count people entering and leaving the premises. When the premises reach the pre-programmed maximum capacity, the system triggers to advise people to wait for a person to exit before they can enter. This can be presented in a variety of ways – text, numbers or traffic light signals. Automatic doors or locks can also be operated through this system.

For hands free door operation, on both entrances and exits, then Infra-Red Touch Free Exit Buttons can be installed across sites. These Touch Free buttons are flush or surface mounted and operate at a safe distance allowing for hygienic no touch operation and door release.

To assist with monitoring the health of employees and public entering a building, Thermal Cameras may hold the key.

The cameras are connected to a high specification Network Video Recorder (NVR) located within a secure lockable room in the premises. The system analyses how many people are inside the premises, when the store has reached maximum capacity the system triggers an output in order to advise customers that they must wait till somebody exits the store, keeping numbers to a pre-agreed limit and enhancing safety in the store for shoppers and its staff.

In areas that have high footfall such as staff entrances Thermal Cameras may provide one option for companies to screen the temperatures of those people arriving back on site.  It takes one second for the camera to detect the temperature of a person and will produce instant alerts. The cameras are now being trialled in some airports across the UK where large numbers of people will pass through the camera’s field of view.

Early detection of a high temperature means that the identified member of staff can then undergo further checks to establish other symptoms and the potential presence of the virus or other underlying health problems.

Previously prohibitive to many workplaces due to the cost, as the market and the products have developed, the technology has become more cost effective to install and the cameras can now be incorporated into existing CCTV systems. As an investment for the future the cameras can also combine the latest screening technology and access control providing triggers for door locks and locations with restricted visiting access.

As businesses assess procedures and the logistics of moving staff and the public back into buildings safely these measures all provide options that are cost effective and can be installed rapidly to ensure measures are in place as restrictions are eased.

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