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Back To School

As non-essential shops open and we are free to visit drive throughs, collect takeaways and now even plan day trips to the Zoo, the pressure facing the Government on the issue of returning to school is ever increasing. The nation seems to be divided, if the media are to be believed, many people hearing the voice of the Unions which state it cannot be done safely for pupils and teaching staff and others who are frustrated at their children still being without formal education after a three-month period.


How does the nation get back to work without adequate childcare? As the statistics show that the elderly is our most vulnerable group in terms of the death rate, grandparents all over the UK will be desperate to see their grandchildren and even more keen to help with childcare but are taking a risk in doing so. With calls to protect the mental health of teenagers by getting them back into the classroom and socialising with their peers. It is suggested that many thousands of children may have fallen through the gaps with home schooling and support for other needs which is worrying in itself.


Frazzled parents all over the country are still trying to be teacher and employee working remotely which presents so many challenges for so many. The schools and the managing of them must be equally problematic. As parents continue to enquire what is happening next, the main challenge faced by headteachers is how to get children into school buildings at a social distance, operating with a potentially reduced teaching team and keeping everyone safe and well.


As a business owner, orders are increasing again, things are moving but how do you mobilise a workforce that still has so many other needs unmet? Last week we had another order for two Thermal Temperature Screening Camera Solutions for a local High School Academy to keep students and its staff & visitors safe. These cost-effective cameras scan temperatures within a second and are incredibly accurate. An alert will respond highlighting the abnormal temperature which can then be investigated further. Touch free buttons to control doors are another option which can be installed into schools or businesses to reduce surface contact.

Which camp are you in? Do we press ahead and get them back to school? Could the government be doing anymore to make everyone feel reassured, or do we face another few months before they are back at full capacity with all pupils and only then Britain can really get back to work?






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