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Back to normal-ish

We’ve lost count of the times we’ve heard about the ‘new normal’ over recent months and we are thrilled this week to have our entire office-based team back under one roof! There are lots of thoughts too about working from home being the way forward. Like many other businesses we have had to adapt to the challenges of social distancing and lockdown. It hasn’t been easy, one day we were all here and the next all pretty much gone.

Because of the nature of our businesses, we have a great IT infrastructure and have received outstanding support from Convene IT and Communicate Better meaning that we could re-route our telephone system to each team member without major headaches.

As lockdown started, our efforts were focused on those businesses and organisations who found their premises locked up immediately and ensuring that their systems were adequate to ensure protection from theft and fire. As construction slowed it meant reorganising engineers to be on site at different times to ensure that schedules were kept on track with fire and security installations.

We have an agile business and were able to respond quickly by helping other companies and organisations, including key working organisations and retail to plan their strategies to get people back into their buildings safely using the latest HIKVision technology.

For our service team, accounts and admin it meant that the usual busy hub of the business was depleted overnight, leading to an empty kitchen, no official welcome on reception and quiet corridors and offices. Of course, we have used Zoom, Facetime, Skype and Teams to stay in touch and we’re grateful that our business could continue to navigate our work patterns and deliver the same high standards despite the lack of social interaction in our HQ.

Our new office regime includes additional PPE, personal cleaning products for workstations, longer hours for our cleaners, the availability of hand sanitisers, social distance markings on the floors, divisions in workspaces and a thermal camera in our reception.However yesterday we couldn’t be happier to have everyone back in the office all together! Split days in the office ensure that we’re still complying with the advice and also supporting the team members that are left without childcare as the schools remain closed.

Above all else we are a business built around people. From our start as a family enterprise over 40 years ago, many of our team have spent more than the last 20 years with us. We’ve shared life’s ups and downs together and despite the efficiency of communication technology you can’t help but value, now more than ever, face to face interaction and a daily office chat.

Welcome back team.


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