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A world of new restrictions

It seems that the chink of light for businesses and employees, as restrictions were lifted over recent weeks, may now have been snatched away again with travel quarantine rules for the thousands of people who had seized the chance of a break in Europe facing a 14 day isolation period when they return and new local lockdowns enforced.

Some reports would have us believe that the restrictions and a blanket quarantine imposition for a whole country is too severe, or knee jerk ,but who knows what the best measure in these times is.

Many scientists and clinicians are suggesting that COVID-19 is an addition to the many other seasonal viruses that pose a threat to the elderly, or those who’s health is already compromised and that it is less deadly than many other infectious predecessors but must be factored into our lives moving forward.

Businesses, schools and any other place, that has numbers of people congregating can be sure of, is that anyone with symptoms will need to be identified quickly and measures then put into place to protect others using the same space.

Thermal cameras are unobtrusive, cost effective and proven to work in assessing any unusual temperature readings. Hands-free or contactless door access control are also solutions where there can be a reduction in contact and therefore a lesser risk of transmission in high footfall areas.

These measures are not a total and failsafe solution but are a way of organisations, landlords, retailers and businesses detecting those with possible symptoms early and helping to halt the spread of COVID-19. As a jump in UK cases is reported once again, it’s definitely worth considering to protect your people and public.


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